Woman Advocacy

A woman advocate is a friend, colleague, family member or trained professional who serves the woman obtaining health care, with an awareness of her herstory and the power dynamics, sexism and other oppressions she is up against in Status Quo Health Care. A woman advocate is a type of a health care advocate. Health care advocates are not trained specifically to accompany women with a feminist lens on power dynamics in health care, but woman advocates are.

Each WomanSafeHealth team member acts as a woman advocate for every client that comes to WomanSafeHealth. The following woman advocates are available to accompany you to medical visits outside WomanSafeHealth and be an empowering member of your healthcare team. If you have had a new diagnosis of an illness, you would like more emotional support at a long or short visit, or if your usual support person is unable to be present, call to find out the availability and skills of a WomanSafeHealth Woman Advocate.

Leah Bookwalter, CHHC
Emma Greene, CMT
Claire M. Collins, BA
Carisa Wilder, LMSW, RAP

One of the most important services a woman advocate can provide is active, empathetic listening. Active listening includes the listener asking clarifying questions and summarizing what she has heard to increase accuracy. Empathetic listening includes hearing the emotions behind the words. Depending on how a woman seeking medical care feels, she may not remember accurately what was said or may hear only a portion. It is a woman advocate's job to be the person who catches the information and is able to pass it back to her. Woman advocates should not attempt to make a woman's decisions for her, set the tone or mood of the appointment, tell their own stories or assume power.

Woman Advocacy services are provided by:

Emma Greene, C M T Claire