Ayurvedic Consultation

Ayurveda (translated from Sanskrit as "knowledge of life") is an ancient system used to understand the healthy functioning of human beings. It places the mind-body relationship at the highest level and acknowledges that human beings are interconnected with the natural world. Ayurveda recognizes and celebrates our differences and therefore offers a personalized approach to health.

An Ayurvedic consultation assesses diet, sleep, digestion, elimination, pulses and lifestyle patterns to recognize and understand imbalances. Root causes of health challenges and how to naturally restore balance to physiology are addressed and corrected. Internal awareness increases as we make choices that support imbalance corrections and improved functioning. Ayurveda teaches that healing comes from within when we are in tune with ourselves and nature. Some imbalances are easily shifted, while others take longer to restore. Ayurveda provides an active, gentle approach by incorporating time-tested principles and practices into a regular routine for benefits that last a lifetime!

An initial consultation includes an assessment of imbalances and constitution, an Ayurvedic health interview and a holistic wellness plan as well as applicable handouts for recipes, guidelines and example lifestyle practices. Follow-up appointments are recommended every 2-4 weeks until balance is restored and then seasonally. Although many symptoms improve quite rapidly, others take longer, depending on the length of time the imbalances have existed and one's willingness to embrace the recommendations.

Free Guided Meditation
Sunday, June 4 & Monday, June 5, 7:00-8:30 PM

Each month we offer free guided meditation for women, girls, trans and gender-nonconforming people - 1.5 hours each day for 2 consecutive days. Heart-based/Effortless Meditation is a process through which we are able to go beyond thoughts, feelings, and sensations to cultivate an inner sense of profound peace. It is appropriate for both experienced and new meditators. Please call 734-477-5100 or email us at info@womansafehealth.com to register for one of the free 2-day sessions. All that's needed to hold your place is a phone number.
Free Meditation Instruction Flyer

Holistic Psychotherapy & Ayurvedic Consultation Brochure (204 kb PDF file)

Ayurvedic Consultation and Psychotherapy Services are provided by:

Carisa Wilder, L M S W, R A P