WomanSafeHealth Design

Each woman entering the WomanSafeHealth space is invited to seek a peaceful part of herself while enjoying a uniquely private, respectful atmosphere designed to promote healthy self-care and a sustainable earth. WomanSafeHealth partnered with Tectonic Design to create a light-filled, modern, woman-centered space that pairs rapidly renewable products such as bamboo floors and cabinets with leaf-embedded ecoresin. Choices of interior design, plants, art and specially chosen equipment honor, celebrate and accommodate women of all shapes, sizes and abilities.

With a fundamental respect for each woman and her overall well-being, the space is at once safe, home-like and environmentally friendly with attention to details like using low VOC paints, non-toxic adhesives, a state of the art air purifier and humidifier, antibacterial countertops, all cotton linens and hypoallergenic soaps, moisturizers and cleaning products.