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You are safe

You are cared for

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Experiencing HealthCare or Exam Anxiety?

At each visit, we tailor our sensitive, thorough approach to meet your individual needs and concerns. Some visits are discussion-only, while others include a physical and/or pelvic exam. You can decide at the time of the visit your preference. We are careful to make each exam and procedure as comfortable, informed and safe as possible. If you experience anxiety or fear seeking healthcare services, we offer several resources to help.


We help you decide which options for desensitization work best for you, and the process is highly individualized. There are talking sessions to guide you through a procedure or exam, role-playing exercises to familiarize you with whichever process you may be worried about, as well as the opportunity to touch instruments or other anxiety-causing items. Additionally, Elizabeth Shadigian, MD is trained in EMDR, a psychological technique designed to help decrease anxiety from past experiences.

Unhurried Appointments

Appointment scheduling is based on your needs. Average appointments range from 30-60 minutes of face-to-face time with the physician. If you would like a longer appointment, just let us know and we are happy to accommodate your needs. Phone appointments are also available.

Relaxation, Medication, and AlternativeTreatments

Anti-anxiety medications and homeopathic remedies are available. We also offer oriental medicine, acupuncture and massage therapy sessions that can be coordinated with your appointment. You may bring your own music, clothes, and linens. You may also have the support people of your choice with you at your appointment. The SelfCare Room has relaxation equipment including a Migun automated massage table, and may be scheduled for use before or after your appointment.

Open Houses

We host an Open House once a month to give women a chance to tour our space, meet the physicians and the staff, and to get to know the atmosphere at WomanSafeHealth. You are encouraged to bring friends or partners if you like. You do not need to schedule an appointment or RSVP to attend. Please check our calendar for the next Open House date.