SelfCare Services

SelfCare Room

Treat yourself or someone you love to a relaxing and rejuvenating visit to the SelfCare Room. The SelfCare Room contains resources and equipment that may benefit women with a variety of conditions, while enhancing the ability to learn about and care for ourselves. The SelfCare Room includes:

Migun Table

The Migun massage table employs the principles of far infrared heat therapy, acupressure, chiropractic and massage for a relaxing and rejuvenating treatment that may benefit women with a variety of medical and psychological concerns.

Skinfive Hand Unit

The Skinfive hand unit, also from Migun, employs the principles of far infrared heat therapy, acupressure and reflexology for a relaxing and detoxifying hand treatment that may offer benefits for the entire body. Treatment with the Skinfive unit may be particularly beneficial to women with neurological or inflammatory conditions of the hands.

Daylight Lamp

The daylight lamp employs full-spectrum light that is used to treat seasonal affective disorder, the “winter blues.” The daylight lamp may be used in conjunction with any of the other treatments and resources available in the SelfCare Room.

Exercise & Relaxation Equipment

The SelfCare Room is a wonderful place to relax or to develop a strengthening and energizing exercise routine. The SelfCare Room offers stretching mats, free weights, resistance bands, a Bosu balancer, exercise instruction booklets, a stereo with relaxing and energizing CD’s, meditation books and a fountain.

SelfCare Room Pricing

Your first 50-minute session is free. A brief (15 minutes or less) SelfCare Room orientation is included in your first visit. Complimentary drinks and fruit are included with each SelfCare Room visit.

Individual Visits:
25-minute visit: $9
50-minute visit: $15

Discount Packages:
Ten 25-minute visits: $81
Ten 50-minutes visits: $135

Comprehensive Orientation/Advanced Instruction:
If you would like to schedule a more comprehensive orientation (longer than 15 minutes) or an advanced instruction session, you may do so. The fee for a detailed, 30-minute SelfCare Room orientation or advanced instruction session is $15.

Physiotouch / Lymphatouch

Individual Physiotouch sessions are:
$10 for up to 15 minutes
$20 for up to 30 minutes
$30 for up to 45 minutes
$35 for up to 60 minutes
In addition, packages of 5 sessions are $167 (5% discount) and packages of 10 sessions are $315 (10% discount). It can also be utilized as an added service to massage at the cost of $10 for up to 15 minutes.

The above prices are for rental only. A trained WomanSafeHealth employee can assist you (woman advocacy) in increments of 15 minutes:
15 minutes for $10
30 minutes for $20
45 minutes for $30
60 minutes for $40

Use of the Physiotouch includes various equipment and items, including, but not limited to, multiple heads that are thoroughly cleaned between uses. New heads are available for individual sale at the cost of $50 per head.

Medical Empowerment

Do you feel anxious or overwhelmed just thinking about medical procedures, tests, and equipment?
Do you ever avoid medical care, even when you know you need it?
Are you facing health challenges that require you to spend more time than you would like in medical settings?
Isn’t it time to find relief, so that you can care for yourself well?

Our Medical Empowerment Program offers women a holistic, multi-faceted approach to developing resources, skills, and techniques for coping with health challenges and navigating medical settings with confidence. We can help you learn how to: communicate with caregivers, develop positive alliances and support systems, use mind-body approaches to anxiety reduction, and make informed decisions.

We offer 1-2 hour private sessions to meet your individual needs. Sessions typically include a combination of information, counseling, and multi-sensory experiences. A support person of your choice is welcome to join you for any private medical empowerment session. Cost is $90 per 50-minute session.